Friday, May 28, 2010

California Dreamin'

I'm here on the west coast visiting my LA daughter and marveling at the good weather, fragrant flowers and well, traffic...and I haven't even been on a freeway yet. Just getting there seems to be an angst driven process. And yet people here seem a lot more chill than they do on the east coast - well to a degree anyway.

Yesterday I got to meet many cool people from AVSquad - a movie trailer making place. It was inspiring to meet so many creatives and discover that even though they all have jobs in creative fields, their side projects abound.

It got me wondering how much more creative percolation goes on if your day job and side dreams align. Would I work on my novel more if I heard my co-worker talking about finishing his screenplay? Can't help but think the answer is yes. But then I learned from my daughter that when what you love (e.g. music, movies etc.) becomes a stressor related to your job, it can burn out the love. Good to keep in mind!

Mostly am glad for the sunshine, change of scenery and my daughter. Her smile and creative projects are fuel for my soul. And the celebrity sitings are sort of fun too. Yesterday we had coffee at Starbucks with Creed from "The Office." True, we weren't sitting at the same table, but when I first saw him I felt like I was seeing an old friend; like I knew more people out here.... maybe my father's dementia is rubbing off....


  1. I love to cook but would not want to do it 6 days x 10 hours in a restaurant.. so balancing interest, love, what you enjoy and what you are good at is... well a balancing act. Finding new interests, joys and sources of cash is always good.

  2. It's true, you'd lose your creative energy if you spent all day being forced to do the thing you once used as a release!