Thursday, November 11, 2010

Florida Recharge

I've been in Florida for 4 days now. As a person who loves to escape, getting a little beach house by the ocean in the low key seaside town of Juno Beach was an idea that has improved with time.  Don't get me wrong - I always sort of wanted to live near the beach and be able to walk and bike ride on flat ground and not stress myself too much - even while working out!

But it has turned out to be so much more than that.  When I am here, it's as if I get charged by the brilliant sunshine, the beautiful flora, the sound of the ocean and the lush tropical beauty that surrounds me and seems to seep into every pore of my being.  It's as if I've landed in a place where the colors are brighter, the air is clearer, my thoughts are happier and people are friendlier.  And it's not just that I heard that it dipped below thirty degrees in NYC this week or that the early hour of darkness (no more daylight savings) is depressing my friends up north.  it's just hard not to feel good with all this sunshine - no matter what is going on in your life!

From every room in this little outpost I can see turquoise blue skies or water, palm trees, bright pink flowers - and that wonderful sound of the ocean's waves - just close enough to know it's there. I also planted some gardenias around the front yard to increase the restoration of my senses.  I know for some people meditation and yoga work - but for me - this little slice of heaven - even if only for a few days - recharges me in the way that the other stuff never did. Maybe it's the full surroundsoundness of it all.

Despite the overload of work waiting to be done, and the projects and housework that clearly need tending, it's so nice to sit with a cup of coffee and be in this world. I can't help but be grateful for my good fortune when I am here - no matter what madness is going on elsewhere in my life or the world.

I wish this peace and happiness for you all!